Day Trips

Flavor Finder (food tours)

You live to celebrate good food and culinary finds. Destinations could include food tastings, cooking classes, culinary or brewing demonstrations.

Casino Craver

You've decided to give 'Lady Luck' a try! Destinations feature many different casinos.

Show Seeker

You love live entertainment shows and theatrical performances. Destinations include dinner theatres, broadway shows, comedy, air shows.

Festival Fun

You love the energy of festivals. From themed festivals, to art & craft vendors, to food and drink, to special performances and events we've got what you seek!

Maritime & Cruises

You love looking out and seeing water. You don't mind if it is a river or a lake or an ocean. Destinations include cruises, lighthouses, beaches, lakes, rivers and more!

Wine Trails

You like to learn about wine and, of course, taste some wine. Destinations include many different wineries and can include breweries as well!

Supper Clubs

Wisconsin's Supper Clubs are a nostalgic tradition. Join us for a delicious meal at one of these dynamic places.

Girlfriend Getaways

Grab your girlfriends and get ready for a fun time! Our girlfriend getaways could include food tastings, shopping, flea markets, wineries, breweries, dining experiences and lots of fun!


From football to baseball to hockey to horse racing and any sporting event imaginable! Join us for a fun trip rooting for your team or horse!

Exclusive Special Events

You like to feel special and we agree that you are. We have several trips that are exclusive tours just for our company. We invite you to join in on these exclusive experiences.

Natural Wonders

You like to see the natural beauty in the outdoor world. Destinations could include National Parks, gardens, aquariums, trains and more!

History Buff

Relieve some historical events and figures. Desitinations could include museums, memorials, historic homes and buildings, and historic sites.

Architectural Wonders

If you like to marvel at architectural wonders from Frank Lloyd Wright to Santiago Calatrave and more, these are the tours for you!

Wild on Wildlife

You appreciate and are interested in wildlife from Bears to Moose to Whales we've got that covered

New Day Trips

You ask for new tours and we deliver. Join us on one of these new day trips!

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